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Sea Fighter OCN2-A pricing….

was incorrectly listed on the site. In my haste to update the site for the new pricing ahead of my trip I left out a zero in the price of the polished version of the OCN 2-A. We did receive several orders for this item but I am afraid that we will not be able to honor the orders. The high grade 2836 that is featured in this watch, alone, costs more than $78. When I return the orders will be canceled and the payments refunded. Sorry to get your hopes up. The OCN 2-A will be re-listed on the site when I get a chance to fix the pricing when I return.

On the other hand if you are interested in any of the current line-up of the Sea Fighters I would act now. The current line-up will be replaced by the Plongeur day/date Sea Fighter and a BUND I-A version in about 4 weeks. The last two iterations will be the final series in the Sea Fighter line-up before the model is retired to be re-designed (ala the Stingray).

Start thinking of some names… :D

for the Project 300 watch that we will use on the dial and/or case back.

We should be able to start the design phase shortly. I have studied the sample SM 300 that I purchased a few months back and have begun the sketches of the case body. So far the most significant change that I think will make the watch better and set it apart from the original will be to increase the case size by 5%. This will result in a 42 mm case versus the original 40 mm case diameter, as measured across the bezel. I think we can get away with keeping the lug width at 20 mm, whereas increasing that by 5% would lead to an awkward 21 mm lug width.

Based on our experience with the delivery phase of the Kingston project I am researching the feasibility of closing the pre-order before we reach the targeted 150 reservations. The number of reservations continues to rise and I expect that once discussions begin on the forum we will not have a problem reaching the 150 if I can’t think of a creative way to fund an early closing to the pre-order.

My internet connection is out of order this evening. I am writing this post in the hotel lobby in what is probably inappropriately casual attire next considering my surroundings. Assuming that the Wi-Fi connection is fixed tomorrow as promised I will try to start the design discussion on the forum. (Update – May 25, 2011 – I will begin the discussion on the watch when I return to the US in a few days. The jet lag, the meetings, and the lack of air conditioning here in Switzerland has me struggling to get through each day.)

Delivery update…

We have completed and shipped orders up to and including C24 and #49 from the pre-built Kingstons.

Orders 50-52 and C25 are in process and in various stages of completion at the time that I left on my trip. These orders were expected to have been shipped by the time that I left but the preparation of the date Kingstons to go out to Switzerland and the fact that I wasn’t sure that we had confirmed the shipping addresses made me hold off completing these orders.

The date dialed Kingstons will be shipping out to the assembler tomorrow. You can thank my poor wife for lugging the 20 lb box to FedEx tomorrow 😀

Travel Notice: May 22nd through May 30th

I will be traveling from the 22nd of May through the Memorial Day weekend to visit suppliers in Switzerland.

Deliveries will resume the week of the 30th of May.

Delivery figures to be delayed…

a few more days. I have been trying to update the deliveries during the first half of the week but I just realized that this week was almost over.

I am working on the watches and have been all week. Squeezing in the preparation of the next batch of Kingstons to ship out for assembly has had me working at a blinding pace this week. The last four days has been a mix of glazing cases, prepping the movements, and QC’ing dials. I want to ship out the date dialed Kingstons before I leave for Switzerland so that things continue to move while I am out. I am also setting up for the next batch of non-dates to ship out sometime in June with the hope that we can push through one more batch of Kingstons through Switzerland before they break for the summer recess.

General status report and travel notice (Updated)

There will be updates coming soon about the Project 300, the new Stingray II, and some developments regarding the proposed homage to the “Pan Am” GMT project.

Please note that I will be traveling to Switzerland from the 23rd of May through the 29th to meet with suppliers. Topics that I will be talking to my vendors about will include the Project 300, Stingray II, and making sure that we are approaching the Kingston’s stem length issue in the best/optimal way. The trip has been built into our work/delivery schedule for some weeks now so customers should not anticipate any additional delivery delays. Please note that the pace of communication may be effected by my absence.

UPDATE: Confirmations for orders placed since Friday the 6th of May will be delayed for another day or so. Our primary computer was down over the weekend and while all the data is safe and sound we need to bring someone else in to re-connect it to our remote servers before we can download the new orders. Any questions please feel free to e-mail us or open a new ticket through the Order Status Portal.