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Sea Fighter OCN2-A pricing….

was incorrectly listed on the site. In my haste to update the site for the new pricing ahead of my trip I left out a zero in the price of the polished version of the OCN 2-A. We did receive several orders for this item but I am afraid that we will not be able… Read More

Start thinking of some names… :D

for the Project 300 watch that we will use on the dial and/or case back. We should be able to start the design phase shortly. I have studied the sample SM 300 that I purchased a few months back and have begun the sketches of the case body. So far the most significant change that… Read More

Delivery update…

We have completed and shipped orders up to and including C24 and #49 from the pre-built Kingstons. Orders 50-52 and C25 are in process and in various stages of completion at the time that I left on my trip. These orders were expected to have been shipped by the time that I left but the… Read More

Travel Notice: May 22nd through May 30th


I will be traveling from the 22nd of May through the Memorial Day weekend to visit suppliers in Switzerland. Deliveries will resume the week of the 30th of May.

Delivery figures to be delayed…

a few more days. I have been trying to update the deliveries during the first half of the week but I just realized that this week was almost over. I am working on the watches and have been all week. Squeezing in the preparation of the next batch of Kingstons to ship out for assembly… Read More

General status report and travel notice (Updated)

There will be updates coming soon about the Project 300, the new Stingray II, and some developments regarding the proposed homage to the “Pan Am” GMT project. Please note that I will be traveling to Switzerland from the 23rd of May through the 29th to meet with suppliers. Topics that I will be talking to… Read More

Update: Week ending Apr 29th


A quick note that we completed up to and including C17 and #41 last week. At the moment we are on a pace of 6-8 watches per week. I spent this past Sunday QC’ing more dials and hands for the date dialed Kingstons and concurrently preparing parts kits for the current shipments. My target pace… Read More