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Overdue update


Sorry for the late update. I know I missed a week. We were short staffed from the 12th of April through this past Monday the 25th. I spent almost all of that time working on orders and left a lot of the paperwork, and updates, to pile up until we were back to full strength…. Read More

April 18th: Short-staffed this week

We were short staffed the second half of last week and it looks like we will be short staffed the rest of this week. The situation should return to normal next week. In the meantime I will try to keep up with the paperwork but primarily I will be spending my time on executing deliveries…. Read More

Resumption of delivery…

A quick note until I can fill in more details later tomorrow as I realize that my delivery report is overdue. Last week we completed 8 pieces. One of the reasons for the delay in the update are my efforts this week to continue this pace. Update: At the point of this post we have… Read More

We are back!


We have been running on a normal schedule again since Monday April 4th. The show was very productive for us. It was more work this time around so I didn’t see quite as many of the new watches as I would have wanted. I will write up another report on the trip to post later… Read More