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Delivery Update: Pre-Basel

Here is the report of the Kingtons delivered before I left for Basel, Switzerland. I did not get a chance to file this report before I left as I was, among other things, busy re-ordering instruction manuals and travel boxes so that they would be ready upon my return to the US. When I left… Read More

Travel Notice: Baselworld 2011


This post was originally posted on March 5th. I changed the time stamp so that it would show up on the home page. I will be traveling to the annual Baselworld show. I will be out of the office from March 22nd through April 2nd. E-mails will be answered and online ordering will remain open… Read More

Domain name re-shuffling (clean-up)

Fullscreen capture 3102011 112341 AM.bmp

You will see missing images (or not see as the case may be) on the site. Also URLs for the site are going to be a bit squirrely as we fix broken links. Also we had to make some adjustments to the DNS records so you may have gotten an error message when accessing:… Read More

Delivery update


The watch-build side of the operational restructuring is largely complete. Not withstanding a a few loose ends to tie up, I now have the capacity and flexibility to dedicate more time to Kingston shipments. As of last week we have completed through #19 and C8, totaling 4 more orders. There is a gap between the… Read More

Domain name shuffling (UPDATE)

We will be moving around the domain names tomorrow. As of 3 pm EST (March 8th, 2011)┬áthe changeover has been initiated. – will be re-directed from the e-commerce site so that it points to what is now the blog. You may have trouble reaching this site during the day today until the propogation is… Read More

Shipments resuming…

this week as scheduled. I will provide the update of the watches shipped by the coming Tuesday.