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Delivery pause


As you can tell this is not a Kingston. Kingstons will resume shipping next week. I am very close to clearing out the backlog of non-Kingston custom orders that are central to the operational restructuring. Given that there is about 1 more week’s worth of orders to clear and the restructuring is 4 weeks behind… Read More

Delivery report

Its the end of a 21 hour day so I have to keep this brief. I was able to finish 4 more Kingstons in the last week. Progress would have been better but after coming off the flu it took the rest of the week and the weekend to recover completely. I will post the… Read More

Fix for Order Status Portal issues…

We have been getting feedback from customers that they aren’t able to log in to the system. I have tested the system myself several times without being able to recreate the issue. However we did want to make everyone aware that we are investigating the issue. Please send e-mails or leave me a voicemail for… Read More

Sample SM300

I have just purchased an SM300 to use as a reference. It should be here in about 7-10 days.

Progress report


I am just emerging from a 10 day bout with the flu. Fortunately the flu shot I received a few weeks ago worked pretty well so the flu I had didn’t knocked me out but it did slow me down. As a result I was only able to ship 2 more Kingstons last week. At… Read More

Deliveries: Week ending Jan. 29th


Shown in the picture to the left are the crowns that we have removed and replaced over the course of the last week. 2 orders left last Saturday. 4 more will be finished up tonight. This is the same 4 pieces I referred to in the earlier post. I was expecting to finish them last… Read More

Shipping sequence

After the feedback from the forum I was concerned that we might have botched the sequence numbers for the Kingston orders. The most recent snow storm kept Winnie out of the office for two days last week but we were finally able to review the sequence and scheduling information late last week. I can confirm… Read More