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Update postponed

….until later on Monday. Sorry but I spent all day working and its just too late to publish an update and a explaination of the shipping sequence. A rushed explanation of the shipping sequence is only guaranteed to add to the confusion.

Briefly though, 2 Kingstons shipped late last week and 4 more should be ready to go out by Tuesday. If not for the snow the six pieces would have all left late last week together.

Wristwatch Annual 2011

The Wristwatch Annual is on stands now.
It’s a big step for Mk II that we are featured in the book and also check out the article
“Brand Lives….Is brand still relevant?” written by Bill.

3 more down….

I finished three more Kingstons during the second half of last week. It’s too early to extrapolate a “pace” but the new method for the stems is working out well.

As for photos I could only manage a really quick and dirty shot with an Iphone 4 app called the Hipstamatic. The photo above doesn’t really do the app justice. Its the first time I used this app and well I can only say the photos will get better. I will try to take some photos earlier on in the process.

Sea Fighter BUND I

I thought we had sold out of the BUND I Sea Fighters. It turns out we have two more pieces left. These will be the last of this configuration that we will have for a few months.

Stem update

I have a good feel for the range of stem lengths that the watches require. Given that I am trying a different tack. I have pre-cut, glued, and lubricated 4 crown/stem assembles. Each stem is 0.05 mm longer than the previous one, allowing me to cover the range of lengths I have encountered. Technically I should be able to try one stem after another until I get an optimal fit. I have tried this method on a few watches and so far so good.

Usually you cut the stems so that there is a small gap between the top of the case tube and the crown. With that visual cue its relatively easy for an experienced person. Because the tube on this type of tube/crown assembly is always covered to some degree by the crown there is no clear visual guide as to how long the stem should be. The method described above should allow me to over come this issue and work more quickly.

I expect that we will be able to increase the volume of watches shipped per week. I do not know at this time the pace that we will be able to sustain.

Welcome to the new “blog”

Thanks to a good friend of mine we have a new and much more powerful “blog”. I put the word blog in quotes because it is much much more than just a blog now. This new revamped site is what is termed in the industry as a brand site, which will give us a much more sophisticated platform to keep customers informed and hopefully entertained. A few more minor tweaks are ahead. These will include:

  1. As soon as we can get the name servers updated our main URL will actually point you to this location
  2. The will be re-directed to the URL
  3. A new sub-domain will be created for the E-boutique
  4. For the next few weeks there will be two links active to the same order status portal. The new and the old both connect to the same database so it doesn’t matter which one you elect to use. The old link will be come inactive as soon as we update the e-commerce site.

Practically speaking this should not effect your ability to find us on the web but we wanted to keep you informed. I still have to talk to my IT guys but I hope to have these details squared away by the end of this week.