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Update postponed

….until later on Monday. Sorry but I spent all day working and its just too late to publish an update and a explaination of the shipping sequence. A rushed explanation of the shipping sequence is only guaranteed to add to the confusion. Briefly though, 2 Kingstons shipped late last week and 4 more should be… Read More

Wristwatch Annual 2011


The Wristwatch Annual is on stands now. It’s a big step for Mk II that we are featured in the book and also check out the article “Brand Lives….Is brand still relevant?” written by Bill.

3 more down….


I finished three more Kingstons during the second half of last week. It’s too early to extrapolate a “pace” but the new method for the stems is working out well. As for photos I could only manage a really quick and dirty shot with an Iphone 4 app called the Hipstamatic. The photo above doesn’t… Read More

Sea Fighter BUND I

I thought we had sold out of the BUND I Sea Fighters. It turns out we have two more pieces left. These will be the last of this configuration that we will have for a few months.

Stem update


I have a good feel for the range of stem lengths that the watches require. Given that I am trying a different tack. I have pre-cut, glued, and lubricated 4 crown/stem assembles. Each stem is 0.05 mm longer than the previous one, allowing me to cover the range of lengths I have encountered. Technically I… Read More

Welcome to the new “blog”

Thanks to a good friend of mine we have a new and much more powerful “blog”. I put the word blog in quotes because it is much much more than just a blog now. This new revamped site is what is termed in the industry as a brand site, which will give us a much… Read More

Pre-orders resuming

Pre-orders for the Project 300 are resuming again. The information page is listed under the Professional Series in our Watch collections. I look forward to getting this project off the ground!

Kingston Delivery

Shipments will start ramping up this week. I had to take an involuntary break last week from shipments in general due to the fatigue from the holiday schedule catching up with. A note that deliveries will be shipped as quickly as I can manage. The reason we gave everyone “numbers” rather than a definitive shipment… Read More