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Holiday Schedule

We will be operating a normal production schedule during the holidays. However we will be short staffed from today through January 3rd.This may lead to delays in replying to tickets or updating the status of tickets. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone!

Paradive: Christmas Delivery

One last minute change. We had a customer change his order. The order was nearly ready to ship at the time so the following watch (one piece only) is available for delivery to a US address before Christmas.

Click on any of the images below to purchase from our E-boutique.

Happy Thanksgiving for everyone and a belated one to the Canadians…

A quick note before diving into the workbench….We will be taking a brief break (starting tomorrow) for Thanksgiving. I will be back to work on Saturday and we will be back to full strength by Tuesday. In the mean time my apologies for eventual delays in replies to inquiries.

We will be doing a small “Cyber-Monday” promotion this year (e-mail going out probably late Sunday). If you happen to order the watch that is going to be promoted between today and Monday we will “grandfather” you in. Like I mentioned before we are pretty busy already but its the holidays so we put something together in the spirit of the season.

We are humbled by and grateful for everyone’s support and patience. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Kingston delays….

For the sake of keeping the air clear I wanted to address the delay in Kingston shipments over the last two weeks. As many of you already know during the course of this year we re-structured our operations to be more agile. This restructuring brought with it some side-effects. One effect of the changes is that our business is now more dependent upon the holiday season. The execution of our holiday marketing is what is causing the delays in the delivery of the Kingstons. Placing our emphasis on the Kingston deliveries (i.e. holding back other watches we could have sold) for much of the year meant that the holiday season is that much more important to meeting our goals for the restructuring. I can assure that our profitability this year will reflect the reality that this is a re-building year for us and the additional delay was necessary to keep the company on an even keel. The seasonal efforts are not about maximizing the bottom line but making sure that the gains we made as a result of the restructuring will carry over into next year.

The good news is that the season is going very well and we expect that Kingston delivery volume will recover by next week to levels seen earlier this year.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Sea Fighter review by Worn & Wound….

Blake Malin of Worn & Wound posted this pre-review of the Sea Fighter. This review request was initiated by Worn & Wound and was not solicited by us. That being said we were very enthusiastic to work with Blake and Zack after reviewing their site. Their reviews are thoughtful and the site well designed.

One more polished SF Plongeur available….

We had a last minute change to a customer order. The lead time is only 1 week because the watch is almost ready to go. It needs its bezel and strap/bracelet. So you may notice that 4 watches are shown available in the E-boutique but it actually only represents one piece that can be configured in any one of the 4 versions.