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Kingston Update: September 1st

Having received the first batch of parts we have been and continue to review the parts and begin the process of organizing the parts in preparation for the trip to the assembler. The first batch of parts should be ready to leave here by the end of next week. As many of you already know… Read More

Kingston Update

The new CRM system is currently being updated with the Kingston pre-orders. It will take probably a week to get all of the orders into the system.

Kingston Update: Parts have arrives!

I picked-up the case parts on Friday. I will be reviewing them next week.


I have the pricing in and will be working on creating the survey so that we can finally figure out if we should continue with the project based on the upgraded specifications. Sorry for the delay but with European side of the watch industry going on vacation it was very trying to get information about… Read More

Kingston Update: General Order

I have completed my review of the General Orders received at the end of May. I am pleased to inform those that have submitted deposits that all of the orders placed at the time are “confirmed”. The next phase is for me to set up a mailing list for those of you participating in the… Read More

Kingston: Case parts are inbound!

Finally the first batch of Kingston case parts are on their way. They should arrive sometime next week, allowing for the normal delay for Custom’s clearance.

Kingston Update: July 16, 2010

Finally the first batch of cases have passed the second to last stage of quality control. The last stage is when I receive the parts and begin my review. I expect to be invoiced for the parts and hope to have the parts in hand before the end of this month. The case tubes that… Read More

Kingston: Timetable update

Currently the case components are going through their final quality control before the supplier invoices me and delivers the case parts. This is taking longer than I anticipated but what can be done to move the process along has already been done. Once the parts have arrived I will being my own quality control and… Read More

I wil be back “online”

by Monday. I spent most of this week working on some orders and paperwork. Copies of the Kingston pre-order customers’ sales orders are going out as I type. The ship dates haven’t been determined yet but I wanted to confirm the sales orders and the sales order numbers so that everyone would have a point… Read More

Kingston General Order Information Going out via E-mail shortly

The e-mail for General Ordering is going out in a few moments. Please note (and I apologize in advance for the way this sounds): * I will not be re-sending any e-mails so please don’t ask * Please do not call me (you couldn’t hear me any way if I was able to get to… Read More