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Status of the Mk II Stingray

We are currently of out of the Stingray and are delivering the last of the watches ordered before we suspended ordering last year. I am currently working on a new version of the Stingray which I hope will be re-launched early next year.

If you would like to receive updates regarding the new Stingray please either check back, follow our forum, or you can sign up for our e-mail newsletter:

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Kingston General Ordering information

Please note that at the moment general ordering for the Kingston is not open. I expect to open general ordering as soon as the shipments begin for the pre-order customers. At this time I expect that this will occur sometime in June or July of this year.

For more updates please check our forum or this blog. You can sign up for updates made to the blog. In addition you may also sign up for the e-mail newsletter if more convenient using the boxes below. I will post the same information to the blog as we will send via the newsletter at approximately the same time. What you choose is merely what is most convenient for you.

Mailing list is currently closed

Please note that this e-mail subscription list will only be used for the Kingston project if you want updates regarding general ordering. Once general ordering has opened we will stop using this distribution list and you will receive no further e-mails from us as a result of your subscribing to this list. In other words you are not going to receive more e-mails from me unless you sign up using a different form.