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Baselworld 2010


Finally I have a little bit of time to finish by much overdue Baselworld report. Well at least I won’t have to compete for eyeballs now As usual I arrived the day before the fair is opened to the public. At this point the town is still quiet. There are some press around and the… Read More

Kingston Non-dates are here!

The non-date Kingston C3 and BGW9 watches are here! This is the first batch of 100 watches (50 of each type). If you received the e-mail about submitting your parts kit orders you are in this first batch. We are sending out a second batch of the non-dates and the first batch of date dialed… Read More

Kingston Update

The parts kit ordering page is up. At the moment we are only taking orders from the first 100 customers that we will be shipping to first so we can concentrate on shipping rather than the paperwork for all of the customers. We have updated the ticket system to provide those customers with the ordering… Read More

Kingston Update

The watches are leaving Swtizerland some time this week. Our plan at this point is to begin shipments next week. We just finished updating the tickets for the first batch of BWG9 and C3 customers and I will be working on the parts ordering page later today. We will do our best to deliver as… Read More

Kingston Update

There will be a new update available by Monday, Dec. 6th.

Mk II Restructuring

Industry shifts There are two major industry currents that are impacting us right now. The first is ETA’s efforts to remove themselves as the movement supplier of necessity for most of the Swiss industry. In my opinion it will not be a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” this will take place. The… Read More

Kingston: Prep for Assembly

Here is what we do for each batch of components going out for assembly. It’s far from just shoving a bunch of components into a different box and shipping them out to Switzerland. I apologize in advance for the picture quality. These were quick and dirty shots I took during different stages of the process…. Read More

Customer Service improvements

Similar to my stabilizing health the strides that we have made in improving customer service are only beginning to have an impact. Over the summer the time and effort that we made to improve our customer service infrastructure made the situation noticeably worse while we spent time and energy to integrate the software and built… Read More

Survey sent!

I have just sent out the e-mail update for the Project 300. If you have a deposit for the Project 300 please keep an eye out for it and take the survey that is included in the e-mail. If you do not receive the e-mail please check your SPAM folder first. If you still do… Read More

Kingston Update

The second batch of parts is almost ready to go to Switzerland. I am currently working on the C3 non-date Kingstons and getting them ready for assembly. I still have to post the pics I took from the BG W9 preparation which will give you a better idea of the scope of the process. In… Read More